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New Generation— Igniting Change
Amber Elenbaas is not only a third generation recycler, she is also what is known as a Millennial or a Generation Y — the generation that was born between the years of 1982-2001. Her generation is the one that is currently flooding the marketplace and changing the dynamics of the work place. It's also the generation, like the ones before it, that is causing some perplexities as they differ in work styles, ways of communicating, and dress code. Elenbaas started her career in auto recycling by working for her dad, Ron Elenbaas, owner of Pete's Auto and Truck Parts, Inc. They worked together for six years and more than doubled their business's success that Elenbaas says both she and her Dad attribute to the support of their fellow auto recyclers and to attending Counts Business Consulting meetings with Robert and Chad Counts.
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Certified Strong
In today's dynamic and competitive repair and parts supply marketplace, it is imperative that professional automotive recyclers take advantage of certification programs to communicate to the market that you are selling quality products that have been recovered, stored and packaged and shipped using accepted environmental and safety protocols.
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What Sort of Executive Are You?
Forward thinking leaders evaluate their employees and clients to help better understand work and personality types. Sales trainers try to understand the types of buyers their sales people are talking to and how those buyers will make purchasing decisions. Marketers try to understand the personality types and how those personalities will receive a message. Understanding the types of people one works with is important knowledge especially for executives
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Be a Cool Cat
The "coolest cat" around is the one that you send to support ARA University to lead the industry in education and advancement. In this unique giving opportunity, sponsored by the ARA Educational Foundation (ARAEF), auto recyclers are encouraged to donate catalytic converters by sending them to designated core partners who are partnering to turn those cores into cash for the benefit of ARAEF.
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