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Technology Game: The E Stands for Efficiency at B&R Auto Wrecking
B&R Auto Wrecking positions itself to ride the wave of cutting edge ideas and technology. As the pilot yard for Hollander four years ago to attack the eBay arena, they quickly found themselves the number one seller on eBay with over 200,000 parts listed. "Three late nights of programming with Hollander, set up, etc. between Minnesota, San Jose and myself in Oregon, and we went live," said Brian Perlenfein, B&R Auto Wrecking, Senior Business Advisor and co-owner with his parents, Rick and Konnie Perlenfein. "It was pretty cool actually. We hadn't sold much on eBay before that (very, very minimal) due to the manual process. We quickly became the number one seller on eBay with over 200,000 parts listed. It forced us to do things better and become more professional in several ways.
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Technology Game: Tear-A-Part has an App for That!
Some of the greatest inventions start with a thought that refuses to accept defeat as it takes conception. They start with a thought that defies logic and denies the impossible. Through trial and effort, the invention is born and takes life, dramatically impacting the world around it. Chris Mantas, CEO of Tear-A-Part, Salt Lake City, Utah, had an idea that he believed would greatly help his self-service business and save money as well. He wanted to have an app that would act as a promotional direct advertising tool geared to specifically promote only their own yard and allow Tear-A-Part to own their own data.
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Technology Game: is all Apped Out!
Wanting to create an environment in auto recycling that would allow yards to better serve retail customers who are looking to buy non-top tier parts, and at the same time enable yards to harvest more parts off their vehicles, Kevin Fullerton, Founder of, LLC and President of K & K Motors, in Graham, Texas, developed the PartingOut app. This user-friendly app is a responsive design site aimed at selling non-top tier parts. PartingOut is the app that Fullerton and his team have been using at K & K Motors for a little over a year now to enhance selling both inventoried and un-inventoried parts to primarily new-found customers.
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Technology Game: Standard Auto Wreckers is Likable
Standard Auto Wreckers, in Canada, found an easy way to increase their advertising reach to new potential customers while decreasing the amount of money it spends on advertising. How? By increasing their Facebook page likes.
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