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Program with Profits
Every auto recycler's dream is to grow their business without having to invest in more cars especially when finding good quality salvage continues to be an area of concern in the industry. In order to survive, there needs to be another way to expand the business; perhaps taking a new approach to something that you already have on hand. For Mike Kunkel, Independent Consultant, Profit Team Consulting, and Benny Cunningham, co-owner of Cunningham Brothers Auto Parts and co-founder of Automotive Commodity Exchange (ACE), that something is changing the way you look at your cores and seeing them as precious commodities that are capable of more than doubling your revenue. They are passionate believers and supporters of every yard having a core program (that is seen as a commodity program) and controlling your commodities to increase your revenue.
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"We Fot a Fire! It's Bad!"
There are moments in history that we'll never forget, like the assassination of JFK or Sept. 11. They are etched in our memories forever, even after the shock and sadness we experienced has faded. For Dan Snyder, Snyder's Certified Auto and Truck Parts, the day he walked into his building and saw his employee catch fire, isn't one he is likely to forget either. Nor are the memories that other recyclers share, such as Benny Cunningham, Shannon Nordstrom, Rick and Bob Wilbert, Greg Weaver and more, all whom experienced fires that destroyed or damaged property.
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Fast Track to Success
"However, the convention will be bittersweet for me this year as my term as ARA President will come to an end. I feel like I have had an excellent year, and I can say for certain that I have had a fantastic time! All the hard work and energy that my fellow recyclers and the ARA staff have invested have made it a great year for me to have been President. While I do not look forward to stepping down, there is a silver lining; Mike Swift will be our new ARA President. I know Mike will do a great job, and I can say with confidence that we have a very strong and talented team of leaders moving forward."
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Fun in the Queen City of Charlotte
There isn't a lack of fun, interesting or unusual things to do in Charlotte. So whether you have been to Charlotte before or this is your first time, you are guaranteed to find something for you. The ARA's 72nd Annual Convention & Expo is conveniently located within walking distance to many of the most popular attractions including, NASCARĀ® Hall of Fame, fabulous museums such as The Levine and Mint Museums, excellent restaurants and entertainment.
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