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Educating Ignorance
Automotive recyclers have long had a successful track record of rising to the challenge when outside forces unfairly impose on the industry. One only has to think back to the misunderstanding over Cash for Clunkers. Proactive auto recyclers united their voices with the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) and state affiliates to effect a ruling change to allow the sale of recycled parts off of "clunkers" turned in for new vehicles. This helped many auto recyclers in a down economy build up their inventory and turn a good profit.
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Ripple Effect
To weather the current storms, professional automotive recyclers are going to have to step up to the plate of quality and certification. There is no getting around the issue anymore that the number of automotive recyclers who participate in the process of accountability to an industry standard has to significantly increase. You may not like that, but by simply educating yourself on some of the issues mentioned here, one will quickly surmise they are greater than the sum of just a few dedicated auto recyclers. More need to rise to the top.
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Powered for Recycling
A recent report by the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium, entitled, Remanufacturing, Repurposing, and Recycling of Post-Vehicle-Application Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs)estimates that by the year 2035 there will be somewhere between 1.3 million and 6.7 million worn-out EV hybrid and plug-in vehicle batteries in the U.S. that have additional economic value.
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Maximizing Small Parts Sales
Automotive recyclers are known for their ability to adjust business process to profit. Staying flexible and open to opportunities sets the successful entrepreneurs apart from the pack. Letís consider just a few ways that small parts could add to your net profits without too much additional work.
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