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National Vehicle Mercury Switch Removal Program (NVMSRP)

Motors Liquidation Rejoins NVMSRP

Just this week, it was announced that Motors Liquidation will become a full participant in the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program (NVMSRP), covering GM costs in 49 states.  They have requested invoices for the past few months to compensate, including invoices for the unpaid GM incentives in legislated states.  Yet, it will take a couple of months before these legislated incentives (states that were required to stop sending in GM switches to ELVS) get paid, but at least it is a start.

Motors Liquidation will not be around for the duration of the NVMSRP which is set to expire in 2017.  It remains to be seen how the NVMSRP will be funded long term by Motors Liquidation or if the newly created GM will consider coming back to the table.  ARA will continue to work with NVMSRP stakeholders and Congressional offices to find a way to keep mercury switch recovery a central topic as well as address the cost recovery portion of the voluntary program.

Voluntary Incentive Funds Depleted
The National Vehicle Mercury Switch Removal Program (NVMSRP) voluntary incentive fund is now depleted.  Incentive payments will continue in states where they are required by law (AR, IL, IA, MA, NJ, RI, UT, MD) or have a state funded program (NC, SC,WA) but have ceased in voluntary states.   All other aspects of the switch collection program will continue.  You are strongly encouraged to continue removing switches and the program will continue to accept these switches at no cost to participants.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to the environment.


To sign up for the ELVS program either go to or call toll-free (877) 225-3587.


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