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Legislative Fund


Support ARA in Advocating for the Automotive Recycling Industry!

ARA was instrumental in protecting the automotive recycling industry during the Cash for Clunkers program creation and stopped congress from restricting YOUR RIGHTS to sell parts, allowing you to make a profit.  To continue to protect the Industry, please consider making a contribution today!

If you did not participate in the Cash for Clunkers program, or if you would like to donate at one of our established donation levels, please feel free to do so.  Please see below for more information on the various levels of contribution, or click here for a donation form.

ARA's Legislative Fund can accept contributions from businesses and individuals who want to make a difference. The Legislative Fund was put in place to cover the costs of ARA's legislative initiative to introduce and pass VIN Retirement legislation.

If you would like more information on contributing to the Legislative Fund please contact Elizabeth Vermette at 888-385-1005 ext.18.

The following are the 4 levels of contributions:

Presidential $5000 & Up
Congressional $1000 - $4999
Washingtonian $500 - $999
Jeffersonian $1 - $499


We would like to thank the following people for their support and contribution to the ARA Legislative Fund. It is through your generosity that we are able to move forward with the important issue of VIN, Airbag and Cash for Clunkers legislation.  (please check back as we update our contributers' listing)

 Presidential | Congressional | Washingtonian | Jeffersonian 

 Presidential Contributors


Eileen Sottile
LKQ Corporation

Harold V. Haluptzok
John's Auto Parts, Inc.

Woody Meinhardt
Brandywine Auto Parts

 Presidential | Congressional | Washingtonian | Jeffersonian  

 Congressional Contributors

Alice Corns 
Colorado Auto & Parts

Billy Roberts
Roberts Salvage, Inc.

Chuck Ossenkop 
Northwest Auto Parts

Danielle Wilcox 
Midway Auto Parts, Inc.

Dave Ahokas 
Pick-N-Pull, Inc.

Dave Kokot 
Spalding Auto Parts, Inc.

Don Beagell 
Don's Automotive Mall, Inc.

Eric Schulz
AAA Auto Salvage

F. Troy Webber
Chesterfield Auto Parts

Gary Beagell 
Gary's U-Pull-It, Inc.

Gerry Vertucci
Atlantic Auto Discount

Greg Freeman 
Freeman's Auto Salvage Center

Jim Watson
A B C Auto Parts & Sales, Inc.

Joe Bessler
Bessler U Pull & Save

John M. Vander Haag
Vander Haag's, Inc.

Karl Milliron 
Milliron Auto Parts, Inc.

Kenneth McCulloch
New Mexico Automotive Recyclers
Association (NMARA)

Krystyn Roberts 
County Line Auto Parts

Linda Pitman
Dulaney Auto & Truck Parts

Martin T. Marks
Marks Auto Parts

Michael Serwacki
2060 Auto Parts, Inc.

Nathan Adlen 
Aadlen Bros. Auto Wrecking

Reitman Employees (10) 
Reitman Auto Parts

Ricky Young
Young's Auto Center & Salvage Car Crushers

Sandy Blalock 

Shannon Nordstrom 
Nordstrom's Automotive, Inc.

Skip Weller
Weller Auto Parts, Inc.

Theresa Bennington
B & B Auto Salvage, Inc.

Tim Straney
Glenn's Auto & Truck Parts

Wayne Chagnot 
South Windsor Auto Parats

 Presidential | Congressional | Washingtonian | Jeffersonian 

 Washingtonian Contributors

Alan S. Chuckran 
Chuckran Auto Parts, Inc.

Barry Rubin
American Auto Salvage, Inc.

Bill Morrison
Morrison's Auto, Inc.

Bradly Alexander
Junkyard Dog, Inc. dba Affordable Auto Parts and Salvage

Buford Faust
Viking Auto Salvage, Inc.

Caroline Wendel 
Chase Auto Parts Company, Inc.

Charles Walls, Sr.
Chaz's Used Auto Parts & Towing, Inc.

Claude Greiner 
Teddy Bear's Auto Parts & Salvage, Inc.

Curt Lewis 
A & A Auto & Truck Parts, In


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