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Owner's Right to Repair


Motor Vehicle Owners Right to Repair (HR 2057)

The Issue: Modern cars and light trucks contain advanced technology that monitors or controls virtually every function of the vehicle including brakes, steering, air bags, fuel delivery, ignition, and more. Car owners and independent shops need full access to the information, parts and tools necessary to accurately diagnose, repair or re-program these systems.

Vehicle manufacturers are making access to such vital information increasingly difficult and costly to obtain for independent repair shops and their customers. Without access to critical information, parts and tools, motorist are forced to patronize new car dealerships, which may not be convenient or easily accessible to a car owner.

The Impact: By allowing access to this information and giving motor vehicle owners the right to choose how and where their vehicles are repaired, small and independent businesses will be better able to compete in today's marketplace. Motor vehicle owners will be able to exercise their right to have their vehicles repaired by someone they choose.  The adoption of this bill will allow independent repair facilities to compete in a level playing field and foster healthy, fair competition.  This legislation gives consumers in the U.S. alternatives to repair their vehicles and guarantees access to cost effective recycled auto parts.

Right to Repair would not affect the dealer's warranty agreement with the vehicle manufacturers, and it would not require manufacturing processes or trade secrets unless that information is made available to the new car dealer.

ARA Position: The Automotive Recyclers Association urges Congress to support "The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act" to:

  • Require vehicle manufacturers to provide the same service information and tools capabilities to independent shops that they offer to their franchised dealer network to repair and maintain late model computer controlled vehicle systems;
  • Restore the right of consumers to have their vehicle serviced and maintained at the repair facility of their choice; and,
  • Authorize the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enforce requirements in order to protect consumers and to promote competition in auto maintenance and repair.

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