Stop Selling Used Parts
Your inventory is more than just used salvaged parts. It is a cornerstone of the biggest trend in history - green recycling. Your marketing efforts should reflect it!
Conventional wisdom says the core business of an automotive recycler is to sell used parts. For that reason, most businesses spend a considerable amount of time convincing consumers and businesses to buy more used parts. Some manage to move the needle, but often find that consumer perception remains unchanged about the recycler’s core business.
Why is that? Because a consumer’s mindset is influenced by branding, not the adjectives used in advertising. Consumers are accustomed to collecting information and cues about a brand, and if that information is viewed as positive, the brand is more trusted or desirable in their minds.
This is why we recommend that ARA members begin to redefine their business and product offerings. The term “used parts” does not carry a positive branding message. As a solution to help your marketing efforts, ARA launched Green Recycled Parts™ which provides a much-needed brand identity for the automotive recycling community.

With Green Recycled Parts™, ARA is building a global brand synergy that has the potential to make a big difference. All ARA members can become part of the Green Recycled Parts program simply by visiting There is no cost to join, simply agree to use the trademark within the guidelines and fill out the application. Once approved you will be able to use the Green Recycled Parts logo and the growing library of marketing support material, all geared to help you use the Green Recycled Parts brand effectively in your efforts to market your company and what you sell.

Think Different

In order to get the full benefit from the Green Recycled Parts brand, you will need to think differently and get your team to think differently.

As you start to become more aware, you will likely be shocked with how often you and your team refer to “used parts” in your marketing efforts and in daily dialog.

When a customer comes in and speaks with a member of your team, how do they describe what you sell? What does your description on your Web site refer to when you discuss your products? If you want to get the most out of the Green Recycled Parts opportunity you will want to work on your internal communication as well as external communication. The more closely that you can align with Green Recycled Parts, the more you will be building and benefiting from this important brand.

Go Green

With this branding, new opportunities to expand your relationships with auto repair and collision repair businesses in your community will arise. More than likely, you have reached out to these business in the past in an effort to get them to consider using more used parts on their repairs. Success in these areas can often be mixed.

Have you ever considered the difficulty they might encounter in selling your parts to their customers? Not knowing any better they are almost certainly telling consumers that they have a lower cost option for them with used parts. How appealing does that really sound?

Instead simply by educating them to offer their customers a Green Recycled Parts alternative things get easier. You can augment that by providing customized support materials to help consumers understand Green Recycled Parts and feel good about using them. There are many options for marketing tools that you can give these auto repair facility partners to help them more effectively sell your parts. As part of the Green Recycled Parts program you have these tools available to you.

Marketing Green

Green Recycled Parts is designed to be your brand. To help you best leverage the full potential of this brand, ARA is providing customizable marketing tools that you can use. This includes several television commercial options that you simply add your logo and contact information to and run in your local market. Also available is a radio spot that can easily be customized for your needs.

Online video has become a popular tool for consumers to learn about a brand and can be an effective tool for outreach to capture new customers. You have access to several videos that you can use on your Web site, post on Facebook, or on YouTube to market earth friendly recycled parts.

In addition to these tools you can use the Green Recycled Parts logo and several banner ad options to place on your site or other websites.

Membership in Green Recycled Parts, an exclusive ARA member benefit, is providing access to dozens of marketing tools at no cost to you. Green Recycled Parts allows you to make all of your messaging to consumers more effective as you talk about this appealing brand. It also makes you a part of a bigger effort to unify automotive recycling’s brand message around the world, as a growing group of international partners are all working to increase awareness and the potency of this brand.  It only takes a few minutes to sign up online at So why are you still reading this?

Tracy Hoeft is President of Guruz Media, Inc.

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